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Company Culture

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Ruiyue Spirit: Striving for self-improvement, adhering to hundreds of rivers, challenging the limit and pursuing excellence
Enterprise purpose: diligent and dedicated, pursue excellence, treat each other with sincerity, keep improving
Business philosophy: establish a belief in winning, put into efficient action, exert team collaboration, improve group participation and interactivity, enhance corporate cohesion, innovation and execution, create Ruiyue people who are courageous and responsible In the face of challenges, we must do what we say, and have an efficient and active work culture.
Learning philosophy: work learning, work learning, creating a learning enterprise
Quality concept: Quality is life. Endless improvement of product quality
Service concept: meeting the needs of users is our pursuit, a new starting point for our work, and our driving force to move forward
Team awareness: unity is strength
Talent concept: Talent is the company's first resource; everyone has potential, everyone can become a talent
Market concept: The customer's praise and smile is the market; the enterprise's concept and choice is the market; the employee's feeling and behavior is the market